Thursday, May 7, 2009

i love H.O.L.I.D.A.Y

i've pack my stuff (dgn tenangnyer,thank god!) br je anta brg kt store n u know what, brg ak sket sem ni, yg smpn kt store 1 beg plastik, beg bj (yg size xxxxxL..hehe), n 2 kotak je..yg bwk blk umh kotak kecik2 n beg bj jek. so suprising for me la, sbb klu sem sblm2 ni, klu x lebeh 10 kotak x sah.nsb bek sem lps angkot bwk blk byk gle so sem ni xla terase sgt.

btw, kami yg 2nd year seboleh2nyer nk minimize brg sbb sem dpn kne clearkn brg2 b4 L.I. So, org yg gile byk brg cm ak ni kne bertindak dr skang.(OMG..skemanyer ayt!)huhu~

i really cant wait to go back tomorrow.miss my family, friends and hometown so much. esp zaid,oh anta really miss you little notty boy.

this weekend, our whole family will be having family picnic. i already smell chicken BBQ, lamb steak *telan air liur* and maybe some steamboat too. i'm sure angah will make the most delicious and juicy-but-fattening cake. she always ruin my so-called-diet.hehe~ seriously, she's very good at making dessert.

alang? erm, bile smpi mood dy nk msk,mmg sdp smpi menjilat lutut.anyhow, along cant make it this weekend as she'll be having her final exam next week. sedehnyer.gud luck ye along. love ya!

mak ngan abah?? xsbr nk tgk dorg kejar cucu2 yg nakal.hehe~

next week, i'll be going to turkey for 10 days with my mom and her friends. i'm sure i'm the one who's gonna carry all the stuff.mintak2la dy x beli carpet, klu x pth pinggang ;P act, i cant wait to taste their kebab. i remember watching travel n adventure channel showing turkey's mouth watering kebab. irresistable. but honestly, i'm kinda worried to go abroad as H1N1 is wide spread at this time.hope eveything will be fine,insyaALLAH.

this sem break, i wanna play as much basketball as i can. its been a while since i played. i've planned a few things to do during this 2 months break. wanna learn a few skills. cant tell you what, its a surprise.huhu~

the most important thing is, i wanna spend this holiday with the people i missed. relatives and some friends. oh, i miss them so much. i bet syazni is slimmer,now that she lost about 10 kilos.i'm envy you bib ;P.

and all my friends here in unimap, i'm gonna miss you guys. enjoy your holiday k?

for my yayang, *sighs*
2 months seems like forever.jgn nakal2 know where to find me if you miss me rite?

happy holiday everyone! ;)

p/s: kite tgk kesan HERBAL LIFE terhadap mereka yg jd bhn experiment selps 2 bln.heeeeeee~

Monday, May 4, 2009

rahsia perempuan

today i want to revealed one of girls' biggest secret. not often talk in public but what the heck rite? kite kn da betamadun skang. act, its not that biggie bt i'd like to talk about pre-menstrual-syndrome (PMS).

mcm yg kite da tw dr mag or maybe dari subjek biology, perempuan (90%) of us akan mengalami sindrom ni or some people may called it 'dtg bulan' (oh,i hate when they called it like that,so much! from now on,PMS please!). sindrom ni yg disbbkn oleh perubahan n ketidakstabilan hormon estrogen n progesteron menyebabkn seseorang perempuan itu mengalami perubahan perasaan yg mendadak (mood swing).

truth to be told, during this mood swing time, kami akan kdg2 rse mrh,sedih, celaru or happy dgn tbe2. fyi,this feeling cant be control. contohnyer, br td gelak2 tbe2 terus angin satu bdn without a reason. selalunyer, time PMS we girls tend to be really2 sensitive. bende bsr zarah pon boleh jd issue. maybe thats why Allah letak kuasa talak kt lelaki, klu x smpi talak 300 pon perempuan boleh jthkn. ak bkn nk bephk kt lelaki, but thats the truth. girls cant think straight during PMS. klu wt decision, more emotion than rasional. but during PMS je k? jgn slh anggap pulak ye.

some guys, bile kami perempuan membebel sket mesti ckp "ish,dtg bulan la tuh". c'mon la,xkn ktorg xwaras 365 hari sethn. sometimes we bable because we care. please dont get us wrong.

sesetengah perempuan boleh kwl emosi mereka time PMS, tp for others dorg rase je bole control pdhl x my advice is, if you feel like you cant think straight, being so paranoid like everyone is laughing at you or maybe you feel like killing someone, you better stay in your room and calm yourself (like i'm doing rite now..huhu).dont be shy to admit that you are having PMS.its normal,really.if you dont want other people,esp your close ones to get offended because you may say something bad or hurt their feelings, then let them know:

"i think i'm having a bad mood swing rite now"

hopefully they'll get it.

die punyer swing mmg hebat, kejap rase happy gelak2 xlame lps tuh rase mrh sgt. xpn rse sedih yg teramat sgt walaupun time tu tgh tgk cite Die Hard.kdg2 xde pe2 pn boley nanges xpon klu pensil ilang boleh amuk satu kmpng.but like i say, we cant control it.

wahai lelaki, mengertilah kami perempuan bukan sengaje atau cube untuk x kawal perasaan ni, tp sememangnyer x mampu. jgn risau xlame pon PMS ni, slalunyer smggu jek and depends, de yg dpt b4 menstrual,during or after.

look on the bright side, nilah yg membezakn kite ngan robot, sbb walaupon ktorg sedih,mrh atau murung, tu membuktikn wujudnyer perasaan kt manusia ni berbanding robot atau mesin.

hugs n kisses..

Friday, May 1, 2009

clean and clear

i just got back from sending my car to carwash and tadaaaa! my baby look sparkling.huhu~
da bape lame la plak ak x bsh kete ak tuh smpi kepam la dy.time dy vacuum td, i'm so worried that my 'collected' super-lot (i just invented that word ;p) dust would damage their vacuum cleaner. haha..

oh,have i mentioned about last nite thingy?? me and (guess who are these people k?) cinderella, sleeping beauty, rapunzel and beauty & the beast went out to stuff our stomach till we were fully bloated. tapi tade la mkn smpi pengsan2, dramatic je ayt td tuh. it was really fun. da lme ak x kuar ngan dorg. since i'm with king, i spend more of my time with him instead of my friends. semlm dy x ikt, so kitorg jadi gile la jap. it was so much fun..(dont get me wrong,i still love u yer yang)..heeeee..

semlm paper process control. bkk 1st page, along da nk wt dy nyer 'so-called dramatic "alhamdulillah" act' then, when i went through the next pages *sighs*. teserlah ketidak-readyan ak. paper2 seblm ni,3 jam tu cm xcukop je. rse cm nk je g kt dpn stopkn jam tu jap. bt with this paper, i cn linger, pndg sne pndng cnie. bt i answered all of the question.the funny part is, sepjg 3 jam tuh lagu tema dlm pale hotak ak lg nobody. seriously!. original version and royal pirates version.sket2 je "i want nobody, nobody but you" xsmpi 10 saat pastu "i want nobody, nobody but you".even i dont understand the korean part, bt yesterday it was like a song keep on playing in my head. klu agknyer ak de matt parkman nyer ability,mesti mcm2 lagu ak ley dgr dlm pale dorg yg nga wt exam tu kn? erm..lemme guest, cikun mesti ngan lg hindustan dy, alang confirm lg love story tuh, along msti lg hujan, ami?? klu ak ley nmpk ak tw gmbr spe in her mind..opppssss! hehehe..

before i forgot,i've just finished watching heroes volume 4. cant wait for the next volume since tracy strauss is the next villain. she'll be this evil water-turn-to-human that kill people by drowning them. interesting rite? and nathan, i mean sylar-turn-to-nathan, i guest sylar will get his memory back and turn into his old body. he didnt really dead rite? to me, sylar is such a smartass maniac. he knows what he want.erm, and i wonder what happen to micah aka rebel? bet he's gonna be the true hero. dlm cite pe2 pn,hero kn kne klh dl.huhu..

hugs n kisses..