Wednesday, October 27, 2010

love expired date

well, everything must have an expiring date right? from the thing that we eat till the thing that felt deep in our heart. the obvious difference is the food is about to expired we can see it clearly, if the fungus thingy have appeared then just toss it out. but how about love? what about it right? love never have a bar code that stated when it should be toss out, but it still have an expired date. like i said before, everything does.

so, how do we know if our so-called true love is about to expired? how to know if the magic love sparks are not that magical anymore. they say, when you are in love, reality is way better than dreams, but i'm starting to feel that dreams are more comforting than reality. reality sucks!

maybe this is what happen when some people expect more and the other expect less. communication is just a waste of time or sometimes silence speaks louder that the words itself. no more goosebumps when it touches, no more sparkle in the eyes. close but yet so far away. beware when you feel sick and tired listening to love song. when love stories suddenly feel so unreal. damn! i hate that feeling.

it hurts so much when you are not the one that make him happy. when he needs to turn to his so-called buddies and his beloved games. you might feel rejected, useless and yes sometimes like a ugly-ass-useless-bitch. rubberband theory?? Fuck it! wanna hear my theory? all men have double personality, like a twin. one day, he's good and charming and you may feel like the world revolved around you, but other days, his evil twin, will make you sleep with tears in your eyes. and the next day, you need to wear eyeliner just to cover your ugly eyes.damn!