Friday, June 24, 2011


i hate myself for being such a coward bitch!
i have been waiting for him to trigger the topic, and he did but then again, it hit my weakest point
i should have said what i have been practiced
grow up stood up saying what i should have said
but again
i am nothing but a coward!

Friday, June 17, 2011


okayh, i know this might sound ridiculous, merepek and so fiction movie, but i think i have something that i dont understand. you see, this thing have been with me so a long time. macam ni, semua orang akan marah kan? for sure la kan, orang gile je gelak2 all the time. aku pon akan ade time yang marah, tapi penah x kita perasan tahap2 marah? sentap, marah sikit, marah sangat, mengamuk, tapi yang paling bahaya bila kita terlalu marah kita akan secara x sengaja menyumpah orang yang kita marah tu dalam hati. pernah jadi x benda ni kt korang? bila marah yang memang tahap dewa, marah yang x terlepas?

it happen to me, a few times actually, the kind of anger that you cannot control as if there is something evil inside of you. what i am trying to say is, this type of anger, the one that i cant control; is what i feared most. because everytime i am in that stage, i will curse by thinking about bad things towards that bastard! and, everytime i did that, something happen might actually did to that poor bastard. sounds funny right?

say whatever you want, or think how crazy i am, but i really need to control myself, because today, something really bad happen to the person i hate most in this office. he had an accident. aku taw dalam islam semua ni kebetulan, tapi maybe mulut ak terlebih masin or masa ak menyumpah2 malaikat aminkan doa aku. yesterday, i wanted him dead, but thankfully he just had a minor injury. please jaga mulut ye (remind diri sendiri)..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

bored to death!

i am blogging from my office
8-1 pm with absolutely nothing to do, though i have been asking everyone please give me anything to do, ANYTHING!