Thursday, January 22, 2009

coretan buat along

adik nk blk
nk blk umah
nk jumpa along
i've done pretending to be strong
they thought my life is easy
surrounded by people who is willing to help me whenever i needed them
but they are wrong
they are so wrong
adik juga punya masalah
adik juga punya tanggungjawab terhadap agama dan keluarga
adik juga punya mimpi ngeri
i'm just like them
i've make thousands of mistakes
i've hope and dreams
but why they keep telling me my life is damn easy????
why they keep breaking my fragile heart???

adik rindu sgt ngan along
rindu nk along sikatkn rambut adik sblm pegi sekolah
nk along siapkn baju adik
pakaikn bedak adik
pelok adik bila nk tido
pujuk adik bila adik merajuk kalau mak marah
nk along suapkan adik makan
miss everything about you
i'm not ready to grow up
i dont want to make choices
i dont want responsibility
why is life so cruel to me?
i know that emotion is my damn weakness
it is beyond my control
i can control my life
manipulate everything around me
but i'm lost to my own emotion
tuhan cipta perempuan yg sgt rapuh hatinya
mudah sungguh untuk tewas dan tunduk kepada perasaan
perasaan yang sgt bekuasa sehingga mampu mengawal akal fikiran

adik kalah dgn perasaan
hingga adik menaikkan suara
adik x sengaje
adik da mintak maaf tapi adik tau hati dia lagi rapuh dari hati adik
adik sedih sgt
adik xtw nk buat apa

adik selalu igt pe along pesan dl
jgn sktkn hati org klu xnk org sktkn hati kita
adik da cube xnk sktkn hati org
adik da cube
tp mungkin adik x sebaik tu
x sebaik along
u r the most amazing person i've ever met
along jage hati org lain lebih dari hati along sendiri
mungkin sebab adik punya kakak mcm along adik rasa org lain selalu sktkn hati adik
walhal itulah lumrah manusia
maybe thats how we human treat other human

adik nk blk
nk jumpa along
nk pelok along kuat2
nk cium along puas2
biar kurang rase skt adik ni
adik syg sgt ngan along
tunggu adik blk ye

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


here i am
waiting for him
he got his own stuff
own responsibility
and here i am
sitting in front of my lappy
*klik klik*
doing nutting bt chatting with cikun
thanks for your concern bout my prev blog
so not u syg ;)

Raja izzat
where da hell r u???
takan x abes lg kot


later today
me n some of us browse for latest hp in da market
cm best jek
tataw nk beli ke x
i dont think i need it rite now
though mine is like so damn old
but what da heck aite
not like i'm a freaking hp maniac
better save it for shopping
cuti aritu xdpt shopping sakan
beli sneaker nike jek
tu pon dhla accidently same ngan cheryl
pastu ley lak cepot kate kasut ak tuh kasut israel
duhh..i didnt know when i bought it ok??
wt so big about it
klu ak tw ak xbli pon tw

kn da emo lak

there goes my king calling
gotta go
got some laksa to be eaten

Monday, January 19, 2009


amat malas skang ni

malas nk wt lab report

malas nk g kls gitar

malas nk g kelas titas walaupun prof tu amat suke menyanyi,

terhibur la gak ;)

malas nk bangun dr kerusi cikun yg ak nga duduk skang

kronik sungguh malas ni

Friday, January 16, 2009

saya dia dan kamu

the title says it all
no its not about having a third person in our relationship
its just that there's someone so close to us that make me realized how much i love him
lucky she's near to me
or else i might call her stupid BITCH!
no i wont
yes he loves me so much
i loves him too
*tut tut* there goes my cell vibrating for his text
i love you till the end
love that song from p/s i love you muv
for those who havent watch it
please do so
then you'll appreciate the person you love more than before
seriously i think the producer of that film should've paid me for promoting the film
perasan jek..

enough about us or u might puke or get jealous
lol ;)

last weekend
me and some other buddies went to langkawi
xdela jauh sgt pon
nek kete 10 min sampai jeti
nek feri sejam sampaila
saje nk gedik2 g sane
but its all worth it
so much fun
so much experience
so many pic taken
so on and on and on
the best thingy about that trip(or shall i call it GBS vacation) is
ami drove the van
not just a van
its THE VAN!
the 15-seater van
more like a coaster or a mini bus
and u should meet ami
she's amazing!
she's like 5' ft tall and drive a freaking 15 seater-van
everyone on the sidewalk would turn their head
some of them even drop their jaw to see how 'cute' the driver is and how big the van
and not to mentioned how sehat-sehat org dlm van tuh
i dare you who's reading this to find someone more amazing than her
i know u cant, can you??
way to go girl!
alang and king also drove the big-fat-van(thats the best way to described the van) ;)
i've tried to drive it too but believe me
its so damn hard!
i almost scratched the side of a car
fuhh...naseb bek x kene
klu x mampos!

the beaches were breathtaking
soft white sand
clear sea water
heaven on earth
the sunset was the scenery ever
sitting at the beach with feet covered with sands
the sound of the waves
watching the sunset make me feel like this is where i belong
it felt like deja vu
i've been there
i've done that
but not with the same person
but with the same love in the heart
everytime i see the stars in the sky
hear the sound of the waves
feel the the sand
i remember him
the ocean felt different without him
the sun not shining as bright as b4
but i know i shouldnt talk about him anymore
he's not here
he's there
and i'm stranded here with the memories
i should move on
yes i've to move on
i cant linger

talk about moving on
there's someone i'm hoping to move on
i dont how to say this
but i know how you felt
i've been there
i've bleed my heart as much as you
so much that i onced thought i couldnt hold on
dekat kat mata
tp jauh kt hati
like a shadow
following every steps you take but you cant never touch it
sakit kan?
tapi xde org yg rase sbb kite sorokkn dgn baik
tp sampai satu mase
hancur luluh hati
but once you let him go
hurt like hell
dont worry dear
he wont break you into pieces
u worth more than what he thought you were
there will always be tomorrow
and love waiting for you at the end of the road
sometimes you've searching so hard that u dont noticed that
there's love when you least expect it
be strong my friend
i'm always here for you
as well as everyone around you

hugs n kisses...;)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

first for everything

yup,this is my first blog
yeah rite
call me wtever u want makcik bak kate acik n ami
now mude sket dr makcik ko
i dont really know what to write
what i feel?
what i think?
think hard tim...
first thing first
bye2 2008 hello 2009
makin tue da aku ni
but like they said
we live once
so live life to da fullest!
for my first blog i wanna list out things that happened last year:
1.i found HIM..yup,si comot busuk yg dulu aku kutuk, nyampah, yg xde idong, yg ngade2 n everything yg comot2 n i finally fell for him. pls dont ask me how n why. i didnt even realised when the love blossom within me. it just happen. maybe u need u feel pain in order to feel joy. he used to be the pain in the ass but eventually he had changed in the way that no body could. ok,enough about him cos i think i'm blushing now ;) syg kamu!

2. friend or foe? i've been through such a hard time. there's been some misunderstanding between my girlfriends. no one like changes rite?? aku pon. susah nk adapt. susah sgt. rase cm tergantung jek. nk terbang tak mampu nk jejak tak layak. damn! aku sgt celaru.aku buntu. everyday is dull everything felt numb. i'm so sorry for what i've done. i love u guys more than anyone could possibly imagine. i'm really glad everything is ok now. look on the bright side, i thinnk i've taken a step in my life. this thing tought me alot. how to become a person and make me realised that the world is not only revolves around me. me n u, we r all connected to each other. of the flop! sem lps mmg cm haram! result pon sewaktu dgnnyer..pdn ngan muke aku. i really deserved my pointer. i've disappoint everyone around me esp, nurfatimah mohd thani.
skipping class, copying others work take everything for granted,erm..yup,i deserved this.well,everything happen for a reason aite? no worries, theres always next time
*nk pujuk diri la konon* ;p

dats all for now.hugs n kisses!