Thursday, January 8, 2009

first for everything

yup,this is my first blog
yeah rite
call me wtever u want makcik bak kate acik n ami
now mude sket dr makcik ko
i dont really know what to write
what i feel?
what i think?
think hard tim...
first thing first
bye2 2008 hello 2009
makin tue da aku ni
but like they said
we live once
so live life to da fullest!
for my first blog i wanna list out things that happened last year:
1.i found HIM..yup,si comot busuk yg dulu aku kutuk, nyampah, yg xde idong, yg ngade2 n everything yg comot2 n i finally fell for him. pls dont ask me how n why. i didnt even realised when the love blossom within me. it just happen. maybe u need u feel pain in order to feel joy. he used to be the pain in the ass but eventually he had changed in the way that no body could. ok,enough about him cos i think i'm blushing now ;) syg kamu!

2. friend or foe? i've been through such a hard time. there's been some misunderstanding between my girlfriends. no one like changes rite?? aku pon. susah nk adapt. susah sgt. rase cm tergantung jek. nk terbang tak mampu nk jejak tak layak. damn! aku sgt celaru.aku buntu. everyday is dull everything felt numb. i'm so sorry for what i've done. i love u guys more than anyone could possibly imagine. i'm really glad everything is ok now. look on the bright side, i thinnk i've taken a step in my life. this thing tought me alot. how to become a person and make me realised that the world is not only revolves around me. me n u, we r all connected to each other. of the flop! sem lps mmg cm haram! result pon sewaktu dgnnyer..pdn ngan muke aku. i really deserved my pointer. i've disappoint everyone around me esp, nurfatimah mohd thani.
skipping class, copying others work take everything for granted,erm..yup,i deserved this.well,everything happen for a reason aite? no worries, theres always next time
*nk pujuk diri la konon* ;p

dats all for now.hugs n kisses!

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