Monday, April 27, 2009


ak tataw npe ak rse down sgt skang nih
klu ade tmpt yg lg rndh dr tanah
rendah lg smgt ak skang nih
ni lah yg plg ak rso bile time nk exam
sblm ni mood stdy thp max
after wt had happened
mood trs jd zero
then i sleep
igtkn ble bgn fresh sket
rpenyer lg mengong adela
org tue2 da psn jgn tdo lps asar
kang jd gile
bt i really2 need that sleep
its my only escape from reality

bgn2 je tgk melambak msg
lg serabot pale
bce sket
mls nk bce
mcm fake je ayt dy
lps shower
ak tbe2 rse semcm
mcm hopeless
down sgt
undefine nyer feeling
yg ak tw ak rse lemah sgt
lemau sgt
pale brt
kaki mcm xbetulang
mulut cm kne seal

ak trs kol along
since she's my guardian angel
klu ak kol mak t dy rso lak
rse lege sket dgr sore dy

"adek ok x ni?"

ni soklan maut.rse nk bederai je airmata dgr dy tny cmtu.nsb bek dpt thn. i lied.

"adek rso nk exam sok.paper ssh.pale da cramp." act, i dont even know my feelings rite now.

"adek rht la.mkn ea.klu da taley msk jgn pakse tw" tngnyer ak dgr dy ckp cmtu.

bt again, dy tny soklan yg ak hrp sgt dy x tny

"adek gaduh ngan king ke?"

ak jwb "xdela" my biggest lie!

time mkn ak rse kelat je food tuh
ak tgk org len beselera mkn
klu ak x abes kang cm spoil mood dorg
telan gak
da lame xmkn rmi2 cmtu
tp ak rse cm tade kt c2 je
melayang2 je otak nih
ak plan nk mkn byk mlm ni
let the food take my pain away
mcm2 ak bli
tp mke ak x pndi sorok
smpi abg bege tu pn takot ngan ak
bencila cmtu
bknnyer ak mrh kt dy pn
ak tataw pe ak rse

esok paper biochem
ak xready
tp da 80% stdy
mlm ni ak da lupe byk kot
teigt acik ckp
"jgn biar emosi control kite,kite control emosi"
tp klu hati kne carik-carik cmne cikun?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

stress can fatten you up

here are some tips on how to reduce stress:
  1. Eliminate caffeine.
  2. Participate in regular physical activity.
  3. Increase you rest and relaxation.
  4. Get a hobby!
  5. Reduce alcohol consumption.
  6. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  7. Avoid sugar and processed foods.
  8. Vary your routine.
  9. Try looking on the brighter side.
  10. Laugh!
  11. Don’t take on too much - learn to just say no!
  12. Do one thing at a time, and do it well.
  13. Take care of problems and tasks immediately.
  14. Talk out your problems with family and friends.
  15. Simplify.
br abes stdy biochem..pening gak la pale.lari2 mate ak bce ayat byk2 tuh. huhu~
neway, since now is the exam season, hope that tips can help us out, and seriously stress can really fatten you up..

hugs n kisses..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i'm so hungry

nk mkn
erm..mkn pe ea?

final is just around the corner
mggu dpn je
naseb baek mood study di tahap maksimum and sawan di thp terkawal
hrp2 mantain smpi abes final

to my house-buddies
stdy gile2 skang pastu enjoy kt hari bintang jatuh k? ;) enjoy!
klu rse pale nk letop,,,,KARAOKE!!!!
msk la lagi
ak slalu termiss klu ko msk

kwn2 bioproses
stdy hard k?
kite berjuang same2 tw
since rmi da de bad expression abt us, then prove to them that we r not what they think we are

kamu c chenta & cikgu
trime kaseh sbb ajr byk bende kt sy student kmu yg mls and slow nih

teringat pe yg abah ske pesan dl
"the person who laugh last, laugh best!"

Monday, April 6, 2009


girlfriends supposed to be:
  • someone to lean on
  • a shoulder to cry on
  • shopping-mate
  • gossip-mate
  • place where you can find the most sincere opinion about everything
  • the place where you can laugh as much as you want no matter how bad it sound
  • share everything together, what's mine is yours
  • going through happy and hard time together
  • give hug if one of us in sadness
  • dye each other's hair
  • tell each other if there's anything wrong in the relationship
  • never ditch a friend without any reason
maybe there's a few things i forgot to list out. feel free to add anything else. i know i'm not a perfect girlfriend but i did try, but maybe you just cant accept my bad side. cant blame and force you.

p/s: "if you care so much about what other people might think and say, then you are living for them, not for you" thank you bib for telling me this.luv u!

hugs n kisses..

pics tell everything

when u feel your head is cracking as u r doing 2 lab reports at the same time, this is what happen: nk tgk gmbr jek! huhu~ and yes, i wanna share it with you..

  • Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition

this is our product : Aqua Water Filtering System

Bioprocess student with our vice cancelor

from the left:zakuwan,randy,kurt and najib
not so eligible bachelors. sorry ladies, these guys are taken.

love this pic

from left:
ami (dy apply nk jd model kuku bt end up jari model jari je)
me (nk bli beg br tp tade duit,tyg beg lme pon jadila)
kurt (pakar perunding minyak rambo..bekesan ke??)
cikun (erm..cite2 nk jd model of the year,jd model sijil pn ok la kot)

  • indonesia-malaysia-thailand growth triangle (IMT-GT)
this is my evil twin.taken by king, my sweet-adorable bf..

with a girl from uniMED. adore her
cos she's so sweet.



hidup che 'ad!!
hidup abg tennis!..(randy's smile tomey! *lol*)

must watch

yesterday, me n king went to the movie to watch fast and furious 4. i was so excited. i got up at 10 get ready and went straight to jitra mall (fyi, jitra is the only place or closest to kangar where i can watch the movie properly, i know you might be wondering where the heck is jitra right? its like an hour from kangar) damn i miss serdang. 5 min from home, and tadaaa..a bigger movie theather.but on the bright side, if the mall or cinema or anything that can make me not to study near enough to me,then surely i wont be studying.huhu~

erm..enough about better-than-nothing mall issue, i just want to say that this movie 'fast and furious 4' is da best..two thumbs up! best gile siot! my heart was beating at its highest speed. not to mention the adrenaline. gosh! i cant put it in words. the first scene when they wanted to steal the gas truck was amazing! the explosion and sounds were so real. for those who havent watch it, i hate to say this coz i know you might killed me and say"damn! why is she telling me this????!". i know, i hate it too when people did that to me but do you remember letty (michelle rodriguez)? dom's girl? the hot sexy lady who fixed and race cars in fast n furious 1? well, she got killed by someone named fenix. i hate that part! i love letty..why must the hot girl need to die?? arghh...

neway, what i'm trying to say is..YOU MUST WATCH FAST AND FURIOUS 4 ! WAJIB!

paul walker aka brian o'conner is so damn him!

i just cant accept the fact that she had to die in this film. love you letty.

tengok cite ni tw..(esp ilya..hehe~)