Monday, April 6, 2009

must watch

yesterday, me n king went to the movie to watch fast and furious 4. i was so excited. i got up at 10 get ready and went straight to jitra mall (fyi, jitra is the only place or closest to kangar where i can watch the movie properly, i know you might be wondering where the heck is jitra right? its like an hour from kangar) damn i miss serdang. 5 min from home, and tadaaa..a bigger movie theather.but on the bright side, if the mall or cinema or anything that can make me not to study near enough to me,then surely i wont be studying.huhu~

erm..enough about better-than-nothing mall issue, i just want to say that this movie 'fast and furious 4' is da best..two thumbs up! best gile siot! my heart was beating at its highest speed. not to mention the adrenaline. gosh! i cant put it in words. the first scene when they wanted to steal the gas truck was amazing! the explosion and sounds were so real. for those who havent watch it, i hate to say this coz i know you might killed me and say"damn! why is she telling me this????!". i know, i hate it too when people did that to me but do you remember letty (michelle rodriguez)? dom's girl? the hot sexy lady who fixed and race cars in fast n furious 1? well, she got killed by someone named fenix. i hate that part! i love letty..why must the hot girl need to die?? arghh...

neway, what i'm trying to say is..YOU MUST WATCH FAST AND FURIOUS 4 ! WAJIB!

paul walker aka brian o'conner is so damn him!

i just cant accept the fact that she had to die in this film. love you letty.

tengok cite ni tw..(esp ilya..hehe~)

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