Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mouse should have a tail you know

King have been bragging on me about buying wireless keyboard and mouse for months. Everytime we went out, he would drag me to the computer store, surveying those two things. Me? I would pretend as if i was a sexy nerd that understand everything about computer. The first part yes, the second part definitely no. Like duhhh, gadgets are cool, but computers, ermmm "ok darling, ill wait for you at NOSE maybe?"


So, last week we went to challenger, AGAIN and he kept saying he wanted to buy those two. Thank god, they were selling those two in a package and they were on sale! He bought it and im happier! Weeeeeeee... :D

I never thought buying a wireless mouse and keyboard would make you lazier than ever. Here's what happen today

"Sayang, lets go for a run"

"Erm, kamu pergi lari, saya nak main bola"

*confuse* the last time he played futsal was 2 years ago.

"Yelah tu, kamu nak main PES..and oh my god, main sambil baring atas katil sbb semua dah wirelessssss"


Thank you technology for making us humans lazy bummers :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

They say two is better than one

Im a kind of person who thought life should ride on a plan. If plan A did not work, plan B will do, if not..ah well i still have 23 alphabets. But damn life is hard. Allah knows better. Last year i was so confident 2013 will bring double happiness to me, graduation and wedding!

"On my convocation day, u will come as my newly-wed hubby!"

Oh, how imaginary i was..without realising that when 2 big waves collided, it was not pretty.

Geee, i guess i forgot secondary school physics. Hehehe...

Master study and wedding preparation, both require time, attention and passion. Ermm, let me put it this way, it is like handling twins. Tough, double pooping, double screaming and double everything not fun!

And yeah, wedding preparations give you the worst nerve wrecking ever! Duhhh, girls will understand this. I dont know what is it about weddings that we girls love it so much. And let me tell you this, wedding is sooooo amazing that you got so scared to make decisions.

Locations, catering, theme colour, wedding dress, doorgift..and the list goes on and on... *sigh*

It is fun though, but the thought of making it the most magical day of your life, everything needs to be perfecto! Dude, the stress is like sky-high! I swear im a bridezilla now! Yayyyy!!!

During these hectics, here comes master study, writing journal papers and thesis, sounds delicious dont they? Yucks!

"Sayang, stress la kene buat thesis sambil siapkan wed prep"

"Kamu kene siapkan jugak sebelum kita kahwin taw" he replied with his im-going-to-eat-you-face.

" why is that so?"

" nanti kang kamu stress buat thesis, last-last sy tido sorang"

Notty boy! :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

58 purnama

fuhhhh..lama gila tak post apa-apa. Last post rupanya pasal baju Rico Renaldi ye, alahai jauh bebenor ke laut tuh.Tapi takpe, baju yang dah siap ni pon memenuhi permintaan hati..ececehhhh..

anyway, today is me&en.tunang ( dah 10 bulan tunang pon gila kekok lagi panggil dia en.tunang...hehehe) 58 months. oh em gee, dah lama rupanya kami ni ye. and yes, kitaorang lagi excited kira bulan dari kira tahun, tiap-tiap bulan bila 12hb je mulalah terlompat-lompat =D