Friday, August 28, 2009

geng atap VS geng yokies

nah..its not about some thug fight or drug dealer clan but its more cuter and hotter than that. huhu~ Now, presenting...

look how round our face is..hik3..

this is our trademark..long live the yokies!



ooohhhh...i'm scared..hehe~

before the fight:

after a while:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

perut 'sound-sound'

i know i'm fasting right now, but i'm hungry!..Shhh..dont tell anyone. i really miss turkey's kebab rice. Damn delicious! Dont believe me? see for yourself

this is how they been served

ready? 1..2.....


this food is super duper sedap and sgt2 mengenyangkn because you have to eat two naan-like bread, salad, really cute round rice and lots of chicken. before i forgot, if you noticed there's a red thingy like sambal, it taste like sambal belacan. seriously..argh, i wanna go back to turkey! Doraemon, give me your pintu suke hati!

p/s: kamu, jom buke kt istanbul. ;)

hugs n kisses..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


most of my friends da dpt tmpt LI
ak lom agy

p/s: tahniah ye kamu ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

aku rindu

malam ni opening konvo. Dari aku first year, mesti mlm ni ak ngan along akan jd usher. Iring Dato n VIP. Tp mlm ni ak dtg pki jeans n tshirt je. No makeup at all. Ni sume sbb janji ngan abah. Adik pegang janji adik ngan abah tw. Rindunyer nk nari tok konvo. Rindu sgt2. Arghhh..


p/s: sgt2 gelisah skang. Everything seems not right!


i got an email from my sis about this model. She used to be a lingerie model, but after years of bulimia and anorexia this is how she looked like in present.



Get what i meant. ??

p/s: if your BMI is normal (21-25) pls love yourself. *i remind myself too*

BMI = weight in kg/ (height X height in meter)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

night of the nights

tomorrow is me and king 1st anniversary, but he wanted to celebrate it tonite as tomorrow he'll be busy with the convo's opening. he insist me on going dinner with him. as if i dont want to go, saje je jual mahal..huhu~

i'm kinda nervous. i've no idea why. its not like its the first time we ever eat together. a trillion times. when i was preparing myself, i felt everything is not right. nervous, butterflies in my stomach, as if this is our first date. But, he did a very wonderful surprise for me. He waited beside my house and as i walk pass him, he gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses. He does know how to surprise me.


The dinner was damn delicious. I ate everything i could. nyam! oh, before i forgot we bumped into cepot, ilya and zul during dinner. They look pretty damn hugry as there were 5 plates and 4 glasses for 3 persons only.heeeee...

kamu, thanks for everything k? i had a great time. i love the flowers and the edited card so much. And you really got me on konon2 nk pegi beli tiket thingy. Jahat ea??

p/s: hun, those tears were real.

Monday, August 10, 2009


i cant believe i had a fight with king yesterday just because he think megan fox is hot! enuff said cos it is quite embarasssing.


after everything is settle, we sat somewhere just to talk. A really honest talk. Talk about our past life, past boyfriends and gf and almost everything. I do most of the talking as he said my past boyfriends really outnumbered him.Shhh..

initially, it is not really a conversation till he asked me a killer question about someone i wished he would never ever mentioned. I dont bother if he wanted to dig out all of my histories of all my ex bt not this particular person. The person that even hearing his name would make my heart beats faster (sometimes). Arghh..why did he mentioned about him? But since i've promised i would answer everything he asked, so i answered. it was hard you know, since he make the i-would-kill-myself-for-you face, but he has to accept it even if it hurt like hell.

Sometimes i hate myself for not getting over this amazing guy. he gave me joy, but he gave me pain. Things cant be described by words. Everytime i think about him, i'm not sure what i feel. Happy? sad? disappointed? clueless? my fault? yours? These are the things that keep on spinning in my mind. I really wish i could turn back time and fix everything. But, now I think i'm almost over you. Even now and then, you still linger in my heart but there's no place for you (island boy) cause my whole heart is taken by someone who isnt as perfect as you but his flaws make my day brighter than ever.

I'm sorry for being too honest with you, but i guess honesty is sweeter than lies rite?
saya syg kamu smpi planet pluto tw..

hugs n kisses..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Asadi thief

i just found out that i lost my favorite blue asadi slipper. i thought i might misplaced it, but its gone!


when i told my rumates about it, she said she had also lost 2 of her asadi slippers too.Gosh! i think there's a asadi maniac walking around our campus. so if u have an asadi shoes or slippers, better hide it before yours too will be the victim of asadi thief!

green is...ok

this is our bioprocess engineering jersey. i know i should've put it in its real color which is real2 bright green. i mean like really bright u could wear it in the middle of the night coz it glow. cool aite? neway, thank you ye pak amer sbb ssh2 je arrange psl jersey nih.

p/s: some of my guy classmates gonna have this soccer beach thingy today. so, gudluck! may our glow-in-the-dark bring u some luck k?

hugs n kisses..

Friday, August 7, 2009

one of seven deadly sins

i just finished watching some movie (totally forgot the tittle) with Blake Lively(the gossip girl hot blondie) in it and it suddenly bumped into my head "Geez, i totally envy her!" her genuine smile that seems like can brighten up the whole universe and not to mention her to-die-for hair. everytime i see her movie, she gave me this 'cheer up' feeling. she always happy. i know thats all just an act, but i felt like for real.

give me your happiness, Blake Lively!

The woman i most envy is Megan Fox! Hot-spicylicious body and those green eyes,arghh..cant be describe how much i envy her with words.Foxy!

btw, i read this month version of cleo, and i found out that i'm not foolishly mad for envying at megan and blake, its normal actually and totally dangerous. if you do nothing about it, it will eat you inside, slowly till the moment you realise it, its already too late.

jealousy is a normal emotion that doesnt discriminate. lucky me, i only envy to those who surely not envy by me, but by millions of women out there. if only i had the power to suck out all of her hotness..hehehe..

here are a few tips on how to be genuinely happy (i dig out from cleo too):

-learn to recognise when you're feeling jealous
-take a deep breath and ask yourself whether being jealous will achieve anything
-stop viewing people as threats or rivals, see them as equals
-show interest in other people success
-remind yourself of your good quality
-set some short-term goals and reward yourself as you achieve each time
-leran from your blunders
-be thankful for what yo have

hugs n kisses..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

nasi goreng ayam merah + strawberry float

my tummy is gonna explode. i eat like a p**. Geez..huhu. neway, i'm still craving for chocolate. Yummy! *telan air liur*

sweetest drugs!

buy me this..plssssss...

p/s:thanks ye kmu for cheesy wedges n nuggets. if i'm getting fatter,its all your fault..huhu..yayang kmu ;)