Thursday, October 29, 2009

syg i tak?

*sambil sengih2 yg mengalahkn kerang busuk*..syg i x? klu syg, belanje tgk cite nih

tgk iklan pon cm best kn?

look how sawan she is in this film? interesting!

tapi bile pk blk, dhla kt cnie yg plg dkt pn jitra mall and alor star je (both ade 4 theater jek-pathetic) , cm tade harapan je nk tgk cite nih. tapelah, kene study jela cmni. ;(

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sometimes lab can be interesting

i'm blogging from biochemical lab..shhhhh..dont tell anyone.gosh,i'm so busted! huhu..neway, this bioreactor need us to wait for 10 minutes for every, from doing nothing (but day dream) , i decided to take my baby lappy accompany me in this lab. (since my real baby is outta town..huk3..)

this lab is freaking hot! i'm sweating..and sitting next to the hot water bath make me feel like i'm at some kind of jakuzzi..oohhh.. ;)

oh, before i forgot..i got safety presentation this afternoon.only me and nad with 41 slides and 2 lecs who look like they gonna eat us alive..hik3..kidding!

well, wish me luck k..

hugs n kisses!

p/s: i feel like pn hasyirah is eyeballing me from the table not far from me. and yes,she's in this lab. i'm so BUSTED!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

x suke lame2 suke

2 kind of food that i hate before coming to unimap:
2- anything that have pulut in it


but after staying here in kangar for almost a year, i have to say that i'm starting to fell in love with these food. before this, laksa taste like yuck and smell worst than my stinky socks.(i might exaggerate it too much) but i hate it! when i came here, they say that laksa here in perlis is the best. abah even say, it is not a complete tour around perlis not until you eat their laksa. i say "euww..". to make my tongue resist laksa evenmore is when some people claim that they used belot instead of fish. i swear to god i can puke my whole damn organ and everything in my stomach. but like they say, the more you hate it the more you actually love it.

when i went to pn.ku's open house recently, she prepared, my 'favourite' dish = laksa!
arghh..i told myself, too bad i didnt anything before coming here. kebulor gile babe!
but when i try it, OMG! sedap gile smpi menjilat lutut. i never knew laksa would be so much delicious if we eat it with soy sauce and shrimp paste. freaking delicious! with all those boiled egg, lemon, and i even ate the asam keping! five letters, S.E.D.A.P!

pulut? i hate the sticky taste when it is in your mouth. but here in northern part, the served ketupat palas instead of ketupat rebus. and i love it! ketupat palas with rendang daging, damn good!

p/s : asyik telan air liur je ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

cinta mati

hai sahabatku, jangan pernah

melimpahkan kesalahanmu

pada semua yang kau anggap

merebut kekasih hatimu

mencuri pasangan jiwamu

dan sesungguhnya bila kamu

kehilangan cinta sejatimu

itu semua karna kamu

tak sungguh-sungguh pelihara

dan menjaga cinta matimu

cinta mati harus dijaga sampai mati

jangan sampai kelain hati

nanti jadinya patah hati

hati-hati menjaga hati

mata hati

by: mulan jameela

p/s : love this song!