Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sometimes lab can be interesting

i'm blogging from biochemical lab..shhhhh..dont tell anyone.gosh,i'm so busted! huhu..neway, this bioreactor need us to wait for 10 minutes for every, from doing nothing (but day dream) , i decided to take my baby lappy accompany me in this lab. (since my real baby is outta town..huk3..)

this lab is freaking hot! i'm sweating..and sitting next to the hot water bath make me feel like i'm at some kind of jakuzzi..oohhh.. ;)

oh, before i forgot..i got safety presentation this afternoon.only me and nad with 41 slides and 2 lecs who look like they gonna eat us alive..hik3..kidding!

well, wish me luck k..

hugs n kisses!

p/s: i feel like pn hasyirah is eyeballing me from the table not far from me. and yes,she's in this lab. i'm so BUSTED!

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