Thursday, February 26, 2009

wait-forever lab

i admit
i should be in the heat n mass lab rite now
i cant stand waiting there
looking at the instrument for the whole 3 hours
i mean like, hello?
if only that instrument is as hot as edward cullen i dont friggin mind standing there the whole day
he's so damn hot! ;)
later this morning we had a process control midterm test
and of course i didnt study the night before
i watched the movie 'taken'
nice story though
and what happen today during the exam?
i can only answer 1 question that carries 40 marks
part of me regret it
but part of me says 'what the heck? its not that everyone can do it.cmon la.process control is like harder than thermodynamics+fluid mechanics. even my ex-td took that paper twice'
but when i try to think about it wisely
i realised
why should i care about those who have failed
there's still people who pass that paper
if they can do it
why cant i?
lemme answer it
'i cant do it coz i took this sem's subjects for granted
i cant do it coz i'm so busy doing other things that wont be written in my graduation scroll
i cant do it coz its so hard and honestly i almost give up'
i cant give up
no i cant!
wish me luck as tomorrow i'll be taking heat and mass transfer midterm test

hugs n kisses...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

royal dance

its finally over
the show at the palace
and it went well
we did it! yippeeee...
i didnt slip in front of all the royal people
i've to give extra credit to along for this
thanx sifu

Tuesday, February 24, 2009



tonite is the nite me n my fellow dancemate

have to dance in front of Raja Perlis, his family and TYT Gabenor Sarawak at Istana Arau


gile cuak nih

semlm time rehearsal cm serabut sgt

not to mention the costume prob

so not comfortable

i nearly slip in front of the queen



wish me luck 4 tonite k?

hugs n kisses..

Monday, February 16, 2009



it happen again


all i can say is

i'm always yours

but you are losing my heart

hugs n kisses...

Friday, February 13, 2009

friday the 13th

i'm not that supertitous to believe in those kind of things
but having 13th on the friday is very hard to find
very rare
but believe it or not there will be friday the 13th on both this month and next month
nothing too interesting about this day but as for me and some of our former schoolmates esp durga and sara
we've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this day to come
as durga said,
according to the ancient history
friday the 13th is the day that every demon is realesed
thats why there's a horror movie (friday the 13th) named after this day
and some people believe that today is a bad-luck day
i know we are not supposed to believe in things stupid things
but sumhow i cant help myself but waiting for this day to come and see what will happen

friday the 13th
i just found out that my stupid shit-head ex bf is married
nothing bizzarre about that rite?
but check this out
he's engaged when we were together!
i swear i knew nothing about that
such a sweet talker!
all those crying, lingering, and waiting for him to come back was useless
i've move on
u r nothing to regret for
u r just a full of shits
i've better life than yours so i dont give a damn about you
i still got my family, friends and HIM
congrates! ;P

hugs n kisses..

Thursday, February 12, 2009


dis past few days is so exhausting
really2 penat
br training 2 hari tp da wt ak ngan along jln cm astronaut dat just got back from da moon
tp overall the training is really awesome
we learned everything from basic
all those stretching and bending
make my body terlipat
blaja tempo n da best part was expressing urself through dancing alone in front of all the people
just move ur body
let the music control ur body,mind and soul
mule2 mmg cm malu tp wat da heck rite??
ak rse ak nari cm tok batin jek

i dont understand wats really happening around me now
people seem to change
or maybe dats how they see in me
am i changing
or is it my eyes letting me see the things dat i never thought i would see
on the bright side of it
it makes me realised
have i misjudged?
who i should trust?
and who had lied straight to my face?
so many question cant be answered by anyone
i dont u to change
u dont have to
dont be what they want u to be
u dont have to be like them
u dont have to yell
dont have to be mad
u've changed more than enough
jgn biarkn sy x knl kamu,chentaku..

hugs n kisses..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

just dance

i jst got back from class
damn tired
its really2 hot outside
like 36 degrees
thank god i stay at w.ulu
mmg ulu
tp cnie sejuk sket
cant imagine if i stay at kg.y
da rangup agknyer

tonite is my 1st imt-gt training
cant wait
yela since ak n along kne ditch ngan hep ;p
nervous pon ade
last nite i went to the studio with along
xknl spe2 pon
geng2 g medan n bangkok sorang pon tade
geng konvo pon tade
sume muke2 baru
yg konon2 hebat sbb g zapin aritu
if only they knew the real result and how sucks they were
ade la sorang sutun yg sgt2 bitchy nih
at first he's damn annoying
tp lame2 ak terhibur tgk dy
he's my ultimate bahan hiburan
mlm ni kak sal nk dtg
ngan abg wan skali
honestly i'm quite scare with him
he looks really professional
like they say
1st impression is always wrong

hugs n kisses..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

sidai kaen

napela kite kene sidai kaen ea?




ak nga nk sidai kaen nih tu yg sempat nk membebel kt blog ;)

bunch of things happen today

later dis afternoon

ak ngan cikun g anta poster i project kt kedai pe ntah x igt name

bilela i project ni nk settle kn?

lepas satu2 tp x abes2 lg



smpi part yg plg silly skali

ak, cikun, n king ngan confidently-sexy (wah! i just invented a new word)

g putra palace nk book for our ppk dinner

fyi, dat dinner was supposed to be held at putra brasmana( cikun, ak eja n pronounce perfectly ok? ;p) which is quite far from putra palace

tp miss pon sexy gak ckp ktorg ley arrange kt putra palace

so what happen was

ktorg be3 ngan sexy nyer g jmpe ngan sales executive dy

ngan muke telebih yakin n actionnyer: 'pn,kami nk arrange dinner, tapi kami nk wt kt brasmana'

ngan muke cm nk pecah perut pn tu jwb: 'kami x arrange function brasmana kt sini, klu nk wt function kene g sane'

waaaaaaaaaa! malu beb! rase nk msk bwh meja jek..

okeyh,ni part yg suspen lak ea

mase nk blk dragon

de lori accident dpn ktorg

it was freaking real man!

lori tuh lggr pokok 3 org dlm tuh sume survive tp bedarah2

ak yg nga pakai kst tekesima jap

membatu je dlm kete acik ngan king yg kuar tgk dorang

org yg bwk lori tuh yg plg terok menitik2 darah dari muke dy

ak x g tgk dorang tp king yg anta dorang be3 g hospital ak ngan cikun ade lab

pastu ble smpi dragon blk pucat2 muke mamat tuh sbb yg plg bedarah tuh dok sblh dy dlm kete td


konon je gengster tp tkt darah..huhu..sori ye kamu..

ptg lak ak ngan ami race kt w.ulu

laju gile smpai ami x tekan myk la

mentang2 la kete tuh auto ak yg manual ni gear 2 jek..laju ktorg race kn?

erm..malam lak ea?

tade pe2

konon nk sidai kaen tp x sidai2 lg

jap g nk g stdy room sbb sok de 2 test

tp perot bebunyi

tulah tadi tamo mkn ngan dorang

slh perot la ni kenyang time org len mkn

k la gtg..hugs n kisses!

Monday, February 2, 2009

mind ur own damn business

first of all i'd like to apologise to those who's reading dis post cos i wanna curse as much as i want cos i'm fucking mad rite now
stupid titas!
i hate dat subject so damn much
we were supposed to be learning history
bknnyer dgr org yg sekaum kutuk kaum sendiri

last mid sem break
i found out dat there's a shithead talking behind my back
damn you!
i dont give a fuck if u are someone dat everyone look up to
you me we are the same
we are humans who make mistake
so dont go talking and making up stupid rumours about other people
u better watch ur balls or i'll cut them and give them to the dogs
i've lost all my respect to you!