Monday, February 2, 2009

mind ur own damn business

first of all i'd like to apologise to those who's reading dis post cos i wanna curse as much as i want cos i'm fucking mad rite now
stupid titas!
i hate dat subject so damn much
we were supposed to be learning history
bknnyer dgr org yg sekaum kutuk kaum sendiri

last mid sem break
i found out dat there's a shithead talking behind my back
damn you!
i dont give a fuck if u are someone dat everyone look up to
you me we are the same
we are humans who make mistake
so dont go talking and making up stupid rumours about other people
u better watch ur balls or i'll cut them and give them to the dogs
i've lost all my respect to you!

1 comment:

  1. is okayh to curse ppl..
    i osso done that...
    hahha.. tapi i buang balik post tuh?
    susah nak tutup mulut owg...
    be strong!
    Tim Hwaiting!