Thursday, February 12, 2009


dis past few days is so exhausting
really2 penat
br training 2 hari tp da wt ak ngan along jln cm astronaut dat just got back from da moon
tp overall the training is really awesome
we learned everything from basic
all those stretching and bending
make my body terlipat
blaja tempo n da best part was expressing urself through dancing alone in front of all the people
just move ur body
let the music control ur body,mind and soul
mule2 mmg cm malu tp wat da heck rite??
ak rse ak nari cm tok batin jek

i dont understand wats really happening around me now
people seem to change
or maybe dats how they see in me
am i changing
or is it my eyes letting me see the things dat i never thought i would see
on the bright side of it
it makes me realised
have i misjudged?
who i should trust?
and who had lied straight to my face?
so many question cant be answered by anyone
i dont u to change
u dont have to
dont be what they want u to be
u dont have to be like them
u dont have to yell
dont have to be mad
u've changed more than enough
jgn biarkn sy x knl kamu,chentaku..

hugs n kisses..

1 comment:

  1. itu dia.. dah start dah menari2...
    xper2.. utk stamina..
    aku ni stamina dah lama xder...
    btw, ppl change.. thats a fact...
    is how we can get along the changing..
    itu cabaran nya actually..
    which aku pun xmahir...
    why ppl keep on changing kan?
    susah nak paham....