Thursday, February 26, 2009

wait-forever lab

i admit
i should be in the heat n mass lab rite now
i cant stand waiting there
looking at the instrument for the whole 3 hours
i mean like, hello?
if only that instrument is as hot as edward cullen i dont friggin mind standing there the whole day
he's so damn hot! ;)
later this morning we had a process control midterm test
and of course i didnt study the night before
i watched the movie 'taken'
nice story though
and what happen today during the exam?
i can only answer 1 question that carries 40 marks
part of me regret it
but part of me says 'what the heck? its not that everyone can do it.cmon la.process control is like harder than thermodynamics+fluid mechanics. even my ex-td took that paper twice'
but when i try to think about it wisely
i realised
why should i care about those who have failed
there's still people who pass that paper
if they can do it
why cant i?
lemme answer it
'i cant do it coz i took this sem's subjects for granted
i cant do it coz i'm so busy doing other things that wont be written in my graduation scroll
i cant do it coz its so hard and honestly i almost give up'
i cant give up
no i cant!
wish me luck as tomorrow i'll be taking heat and mass transfer midterm test

hugs n kisses...

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