Friday, February 13, 2009

friday the 13th

i'm not that supertitous to believe in those kind of things
but having 13th on the friday is very hard to find
very rare
but believe it or not there will be friday the 13th on both this month and next month
nothing too interesting about this day but as for me and some of our former schoolmates esp durga and sara
we've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this day to come
as durga said,
according to the ancient history
friday the 13th is the day that every demon is realesed
thats why there's a horror movie (friday the 13th) named after this day
and some people believe that today is a bad-luck day
i know we are not supposed to believe in things stupid things
but sumhow i cant help myself but waiting for this day to come and see what will happen

friday the 13th
i just found out that my stupid shit-head ex bf is married
nothing bizzarre about that rite?
but check this out
he's engaged when we were together!
i swear i knew nothing about that
such a sweet talker!
all those crying, lingering, and waiting for him to come back was useless
i've move on
u r nothing to regret for
u r just a full of shits
i've better life than yours so i dont give a damn about you
i still got my family, friends and HIM
congrates! ;P

hugs n kisses..

1 comment:

  1. never heard bout that superstition ...
    friday the 13th.. sounds scary..
    btw, i feel sorry of what had happen to u...
    anyway, u olledy move on aite?
    btw, is for real that he olledy engaged while in relation with u?
    that bizarre.. beyond thinking,i guess..
    well, he deserved ur "fuck and shit"
    hehhe... Aja! Aja!