Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cry baby cry

11 days to my wedding, and i have been practically crying everyday. Gee, thanx marriage, you really do bring out the worst in women!

Monday, August 26, 2013

California king bed

Finally, weeks of furniture hunting, from kjg up until puchong, we finally bought a sofa and bed room set..yippeeeee!

Act, we already set our eyes on this casa leather 3+2 sofa, which i dreamt to customize it into a burgandy coloured sofa, with a reasonable price and stuff, but then king said cats just loveeeee to scratch leathers..saddddd.. T_T

Ah well, among the first furniture for our future home, a L-shape sofa, and a king size bedroom set. :D

12 more days!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

letter to 16 years old me

Dear 16 years old me,
The moment I write to you this letter is a day before you turn 25, 4th semester of your postgraduate study and 18 days before you becoming a Mrs.
What I am about to tell you will freaking pissed you off. Yesterday, Linkin Park came to KL for a tour, and I was offered a free tix, but I did not go. Yes, I F-ing did not go! Go ahead smack the future you with a brick, better yet just kill me already. hehehehe..
I mean, seriously I don't know what have got into me. How can I say no for my obsession? my everything? the thing that help me get through ruff times? motivates me? be with me? the thing whose posters were up on my 4 walls for years?
I am so sorry, dear 16 years old me T_T
You have no idea how restless I get, how much I wanted to scream my lungs out and how many times I keep telling myself, STUPID! and now everytime anyone IG-ed (oh, 9 years from your year there will be this thing called instagram..cool huh?) pix of that concert, I could feel my heart got ripped out of me. Again, STUPID!
im pretty sure if this opportunity came to me when I was your age, I would never ever hesitate, never! just how I did not hesitate to pierced my bellybutton, up until I took it out for the sake of a stupid ex-boyfie. ok, that was my biggest mistake and this is the second one, ditching a LP concert! Future me, please please please don't be F-ing stupid and add more mistakes! Do what you want to do, this is your life for god sake! Responsibilities can wait...hahahahaha...
16 years old me,
I really miss you. Seriously. you were so confident, so sure of what you want and the most important thing is you live your life to the fullest. Screw what everyone said and thinks, trying out new stuff and just enjoy every seconds of your life. how I wish I can be you right now. you were awesome girl! =D
Oh, thank you so much for not having any boyfie during highschool. because 9 years later, no highschool love birds make it to a marriage and im pretty sure they regretted spending the most awesome years being in monkey love.. *Puke*
Scandals and crushes were and still are the best!
p/s: all those basketballers that you adore so much just not as hot anymore..teeheeee
I am sorry as the almost-25-years-old-you did not turn out the way you had always planned. I sort of lost my own self along the way. people say forget yesterday, but little that they know past is the thing that determine what we become in the future. I know you did you best, 16 years old me, its not your fault, present me takes all the blame.
I still remember the '16 things I want to do when I turn 16' list, and I think I want to start working on my 30 things to do before I turn 30 list. I know I had sooooo much fun finishing those 16 things..bahahahaha..
Lastly, I cant thank you enough for the greatest time I had, dear 16 years old me. You were awesome! =) 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A day without any wedding shit!

Yeah, u read it right. I hereby declare that tomorrow 15/8/2013 is a day without any wedding prep shit!

I can no longer bare the stress, expectation and stuff so tomorrow i'll try my very best to dedicate the day all to myself. Doing what? Havent decided yet, but i want to enjoy myself first.

Thank you stress for making me realize how much i need a time out. :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Quote of Ted Mosby

Doesnt being scared let you know you are on something important?
 If you are not scared you are not taking a chance, and if you are not taking a chance then what are you doing?

Syukur Alhamdulillah

Terima kasih Ya Allah Kau telah beri apa yang aku perlukan selama ini. Syukur Alhamdulillah :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

hello august! Bridezilla here :p

hey, I just realized that today is the first day of august. august! a month before September. September! my wedding month! :O
Last week I went over to my wedding dress boutique, and guess what she said, I LOST WEIGHT! if that was not enough, she even said IM TOO SKINNY FOR MY DRESS. whattttt??? I don't know how to react because this is my second fitting, the first one it fit well and she did not do any alteration because it was too early (it was during May) but now my wedding dress have kembang or yeah maybe I have lost weight!. I guess all this wedding stress just shed my weight off, or thanks to my beloved Herbalife for the major re-shaping. Jealous much?? hahahaha..
 so I have to wait up until 1 week before my wedding for final fitting. hopefully i'll stay in shape. nahhhh, not to worry I have my Herbalife and I cant wait to run again after this fasting month. or else I might end up looking like this (pic below!) bahahahahaha...
Well, that's a relief, but I think im turning into a BRIDEZILLA! seriously! Too many things to handle too little time. I have always imagined managing wedding preparations are all sugars and rainbows. How deluded I was...rainbows?? how cute! teehee..

oh god, I wish I would not become like this during my wedding. Poor my bridesmaids..hehehehe...

I am getting married next month! somebody please slap the reality out of meeeeeeeeeee....

on your face! oh no, on my face! teeheeeee

Remember, how nervous and insane I am becoming? well, this pretty much explains it. and yeah, on my face! hahahahaha

King, I don't know if you read this, but if you are, just save your I-told-you-so speech to yourself ye..hik hik hik

The ugly truth

As you all know, im in my nervewreck-season. But today, fortunately it is reducing as i manage to keep myself super busy, and not to mention a super fun soothing body pampering session at the salon today. Love it! :)

Pick up my wedding card, make reservation for iftar, iftar with my girls and king at wong solo (im a crazy wong solo-nian) hahahaha..

Gossiping while sipping to our fav latte, oh life is perfect! I swear i almost forgot about my insane overthinking disease.

Nonetheless, when i got home, showered and ready to watch the apprentice asia ( which i love, and im on team jonathan), abah started to membebel. Damn! Dont you have other time to babble? And it came like bullets from m16 to me..dush dush dush dush!

Trust me, you dont want to hear my dad membebel. His words are sharper than sword! And you might want to know the content of his khutbah right? Well, it goes something like this : adik, kenapa asyik bgn lmbt? ( if only he knew i slept 2 hours before subuh at night reciting quran and doing istikharah just to calm me down), and thats why i woke up at 11 every morning. Yes, i am having insomnia, i guess.
  "Adik nanti dah kahwin, suami dah x tgk cantik ke x kite, dy tgk rajin ke x mngemas memasak semua"- well abah, guess who has been doing house chore all this while?? Maybe after i move out you'll noticed.


"Adik, abah risau betul tengok ramai sangat org becerai sekarang, senang sangat org bercerai. Adik kene pandai jaga rumah tangga"


He hit the center of my stress. Thank you. Now i cant sleep..hehehehehehe...