Thursday, August 1, 2013

The ugly truth

As you all know, im in my nervewreck-season. But today, fortunately it is reducing as i manage to keep myself super busy, and not to mention a super fun soothing body pampering session at the salon today. Love it! :)

Pick up my wedding card, make reservation for iftar, iftar with my girls and king at wong solo (im a crazy wong solo-nian) hahahaha..

Gossiping while sipping to our fav latte, oh life is perfect! I swear i almost forgot about my insane overthinking disease.

Nonetheless, when i got home, showered and ready to watch the apprentice asia ( which i love, and im on team jonathan), abah started to membebel. Damn! Dont you have other time to babble? And it came like bullets from m16 to me..dush dush dush dush!

Trust me, you dont want to hear my dad membebel. His words are sharper than sword! And you might want to know the content of his khutbah right? Well, it goes something like this : adik, kenapa asyik bgn lmbt? ( if only he knew i slept 2 hours before subuh at night reciting quran and doing istikharah just to calm me down), and thats why i woke up at 11 every morning. Yes, i am having insomnia, i guess.
  "Adik nanti dah kahwin, suami dah x tgk cantik ke x kite, dy tgk rajin ke x mngemas memasak semua"- well abah, guess who has been doing house chore all this while?? Maybe after i move out you'll noticed.


"Adik, abah risau betul tengok ramai sangat org becerai sekarang, senang sangat org bercerai. Adik kene pandai jaga rumah tangga"


He hit the center of my stress. Thank you. Now i cant sleep..hehehehehehe...

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