Thursday, August 1, 2013

hello august! Bridezilla here :p

hey, I just realized that today is the first day of august. august! a month before September. September! my wedding month! :O
Last week I went over to my wedding dress boutique, and guess what she said, I LOST WEIGHT! if that was not enough, she even said IM TOO SKINNY FOR MY DRESS. whattttt??? I don't know how to react because this is my second fitting, the first one it fit well and she did not do any alteration because it was too early (it was during May) but now my wedding dress have kembang or yeah maybe I have lost weight!. I guess all this wedding stress just shed my weight off, or thanks to my beloved Herbalife for the major re-shaping. Jealous much?? hahahaha..
 so I have to wait up until 1 week before my wedding for final fitting. hopefully i'll stay in shape. nahhhh, not to worry I have my Herbalife and I cant wait to run again after this fasting month. or else I might end up looking like this (pic below!) bahahahahaha...
Well, that's a relief, but I think im turning into a BRIDEZILLA! seriously! Too many things to handle too little time. I have always imagined managing wedding preparations are all sugars and rainbows. How deluded I was...rainbows?? how cute! teehee..

oh god, I wish I would not become like this during my wedding. Poor my bridesmaids..hehehehe...

I am getting married next month! somebody please slap the reality out of meeeeeeeeeee....

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