Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I miss you

So today is the 9th or 10th of ramadhan, sorry i lost count. I guess i lost track of everything. I guess i am lost! And it is only about 1 and half month before my wedding, and i am hitting my rock bottom!


People are expecting me to be super duper extremely happy right now. But sorry peeps, the glow just aint there yet.

Seriously, i cant focus, heck i cant do my thesis. But i am pushing my ass off to finish it. At least i have that to keep me busy. Busy, is a thing i need right now, not stress. I need walking, running or anything that can divert my mind.

And during all these situations, the person i need most, is wayyyy busier. Who could blame him, he's at his peak. Envy, but happy for him. Too busy that we only talk for 81 sec. 81 freaking seconds! Per day! It is not even 2 mins! 40 seconds during lunch break, 41 seconds before he went to bed.

*sigh* again!

At this moment i am not so sure who i miss more, my fiance or the old me.

1 comment:

  1. hey darling,
    you know when you're like this you need your serenity.
    that will be running. kalau tak sempat,
    masuk bilik, pasang lagu, DANCE!
    semoga ditenangkan hati dek. and that 81 secs, will be so much worth it for 81 years and more ahead! :)
    wishing you all well. cepat2 glowing! :)