Tuesday, February 10, 2009

just dance

i jst got back from class
damn tired
its really2 hot outside
like 36 degrees
thank god i stay at w.ulu
mmg ulu
tp cnie sejuk sket
cant imagine if i stay at kg.y
da rangup agknyer

tonite is my 1st imt-gt training
cant wait
yela since ak n along kne ditch ngan hep ;p
nervous pon ade
last nite i went to the studio with along
xknl spe2 pon
geng2 g medan n bangkok sorang pon tade
geng konvo pon tade
sume muke2 baru
yg konon2 hebat sbb g zapin aritu
if only they knew the real result and how sucks they were
ade la sorang sutun yg sgt2 bitchy nih
at first he's damn annoying
tp lame2 ak terhibur tgk dy
he's my ultimate bahan hiburan
mlm ni kak sal nk dtg
ngan abg wan skali
honestly i'm quite scare with him
he looks really professional
like they say
1st impression is always wrong

hugs n kisses..

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