Tuesday, August 11, 2009

night of the nights

tomorrow is me and king 1st anniversary, but he wanted to celebrate it tonite as tomorrow he'll be busy with the convo's opening. he insist me on going dinner with him. as if i dont want to go, saje je jual mahal..huhu~

i'm kinda nervous. i've no idea why. its not like its the first time we ever eat together. duhh..like a trillion times. when i was preparing myself, i felt everything is not right. nervous, butterflies in my stomach, as if this is our first date. But, he did a very wonderful surprise for me. He waited beside my house and as i walk pass him, he gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses. He does know how to surprise me.


The dinner was damn delicious. I ate everything i could. nyam! oh, before i forgot we bumped into cepot, ilya and zul during dinner. They look pretty damn hugry as there were 5 plates and 4 glasses for 3 persons only.heeeee...

kamu, thanks for everything k? i had a great time. i love the flowers and the edited card so much. And you really got me on konon2 nk pegi beli tiket thingy. Jahat ea??

p/s: hun, those tears were real.

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