Monday, August 10, 2009


i cant believe i had a fight with king yesterday just because he think megan fox is hot! enuff said cos it is quite embarasssing.


after everything is settle, we sat somewhere just to talk. A really honest talk. Talk about our past life, past boyfriends and gf and almost everything. I do most of the talking as he said my past boyfriends really outnumbered him.Shhh..

initially, it is not really a conversation till he asked me a killer question about someone i wished he would never ever mentioned. I dont bother if he wanted to dig out all of my histories of all my ex bt not this particular person. The person that even hearing his name would make my heart beats faster (sometimes). Arghh..why did he mentioned about him? But since i've promised i would answer everything he asked, so i answered. it was hard you know, since he make the i-would-kill-myself-for-you face, but he has to accept it even if it hurt like hell.

Sometimes i hate myself for not getting over this amazing guy. he gave me joy, but he gave me pain. Things cant be described by words. Everytime i think about him, i'm not sure what i feel. Happy? sad? disappointed? clueless? my fault? yours? These are the things that keep on spinning in my mind. I really wish i could turn back time and fix everything. But, now I think i'm almost over you. Even now and then, you still linger in my heart but there's no place for you (island boy) cause my whole heart is taken by someone who isnt as perfect as you but his flaws make my day brighter than ever.

I'm sorry for being too honest with you, but i guess honesty is sweeter than lies rite?
saya syg kamu smpi planet pluto tw..

hugs n kisses..

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  1. HONESTY is one of the obstacles u need to endure in a relationship...
    good luck guys!!