Thursday, August 27, 2009

perut 'sound-sound'

i know i'm fasting right now, but i'm hungry!..Shhh..dont tell anyone. i really miss turkey's kebab rice. Damn delicious! Dont believe me? see for yourself

this is how they been served

ready? 1..2.....


this food is super duper sedap and sgt2 mengenyangkn because you have to eat two naan-like bread, salad, really cute round rice and lots of chicken. before i forgot, if you noticed there's a red thingy like sambal, it taste like sambal belacan. seriously..argh, i wanna go back to turkey! Doraemon, give me your pintu suke hati!

p/s: kamu, jom buke kt istanbul. ;)

hugs n kisses..

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