Friday, August 7, 2009

one of seven deadly sins

i just finished watching some movie (totally forgot the tittle) with Blake Lively(the gossip girl hot blondie) in it and it suddenly bumped into my head "Geez, i totally envy her!" her genuine smile that seems like can brighten up the whole universe and not to mention her to-die-for hair. everytime i see her movie, she gave me this 'cheer up' feeling. she always happy. i know thats all just an act, but i felt like for real.

give me your happiness, Blake Lively!

The woman i most envy is Megan Fox! Hot-spicylicious body and those green eyes,arghh..cant be describe how much i envy her with words.Foxy!

btw, i read this month version of cleo, and i found out that i'm not foolishly mad for envying at megan and blake, its normal actually and totally dangerous. if you do nothing about it, it will eat you inside, slowly till the moment you realise it, its already too late.

jealousy is a normal emotion that doesnt discriminate. lucky me, i only envy to those who surely not envy by me, but by millions of women out there. if only i had the power to suck out all of her hotness..hehehe..

here are a few tips on how to be genuinely happy (i dig out from cleo too):

-learn to recognise when you're feeling jealous
-take a deep breath and ask yourself whether being jealous will achieve anything
-stop viewing people as threats or rivals, see them as equals
-show interest in other people success
-remind yourself of your good quality
-set some short-term goals and reward yourself as you achieve each time
-leran from your blunders
-be thankful for what yo have

hugs n kisses..

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