Monday, April 6, 2009

pics tell everything

when u feel your head is cracking as u r doing 2 lab reports at the same time, this is what happen: nk tgk gmbr jek! huhu~ and yes, i wanna share it with you..

  • Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition

this is our product : Aqua Water Filtering System

Bioprocess student with our vice cancelor

from the left:zakuwan,randy,kurt and najib
not so eligible bachelors. sorry ladies, these guys are taken.

love this pic

from left:
ami (dy apply nk jd model kuku bt end up jari model jari je)
me (nk bli beg br tp tade duit,tyg beg lme pon jadila)
kurt (pakar perunding minyak rambo..bekesan ke??)
cikun (erm..cite2 nk jd model of the year,jd model sijil pn ok la kot)

  • indonesia-malaysia-thailand growth triangle (IMT-GT)
this is my evil twin.taken by king, my sweet-adorable bf..

with a girl from uniMED. adore her
cos she's so sweet.



hidup che 'ad!!
hidup abg tennis!..(randy's smile tomey! *lol*)

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