Monday, April 6, 2009


girlfriends supposed to be:
  • someone to lean on
  • a shoulder to cry on
  • shopping-mate
  • gossip-mate
  • place where you can find the most sincere opinion about everything
  • the place where you can laugh as much as you want no matter how bad it sound
  • share everything together, what's mine is yours
  • going through happy and hard time together
  • give hug if one of us in sadness
  • dye each other's hair
  • tell each other if there's anything wrong in the relationship
  • never ditch a friend without any reason
maybe there's a few things i forgot to list out. feel free to add anything else. i know i'm not a perfect girlfriend but i did try, but maybe you just cant accept my bad side. cant blame and force you.

p/s: "if you care so much about what other people might think and say, then you are living for them, not for you" thank you bib for telling me this.luv u!

hugs n kisses..


  1. one thing to add..
    stop being hypocrite..
    as what king says..
    xske tunjuk je x ske..

  2. nice one!
    better show than hide right?