Saturday, February 6, 2010


gosh, i just found out that i havent write anything here for 2 freaking months! ok, that explain how bz i've been for the last couple of months.

l.i da start. best, xbest, ngantok, blur sume rase ade since i got a place where only 20% related to my course. but its fine since i cn learn plenty of new stuff. the hardest part is the adaptation to the new environment. i'm surrounded by people who are older than me. ADULTS. its kinda hard when you have to act as if you are mature enough (sooo not!). mase mule2 tuh mmg sgt janggal n terkejot. most of their topic that they been talking about sgt2 len ngan topic yg kte (not so adult..prasannyer..;) ) bualkan. basically, kite klu hang around, if girls mesti akan ckp psl bj, kst, mall, movies, nk shopping pe, org tu pakai pe org ni pakai pe, new gossip (wajib tuh) and the most important topic is abt GUYS! yup guys, we do talk about bile msk ke 1 tempat di mne majority nyer wanita berkomitmen, len lak topiknyer. its all about family, hubby n children x pon topik2 yg bekenaan ngan komitmen. i admit, ak mmg kene culture shock mse mle2 msk. yela, kt c2 praktikal student x rmi. klu ade pon bkn yg sekepale ngan kite. bt as time passes by, i realised that this is the reality i need to deal with. lme2 ok jek. bile da lme2 br sdr yg life is full of commitment. some day we need to come to reality that life isnt just about us. it relates with lots of people and things.

minggu dpn nih da msk week-11. there's another 13 weeks left. rse cm kejap jek. da nk abes. ha, lupe lak, ramai akak2 kt cinie nk kawen la nk tunang la, ni yg nk kawen gak nih..hik3..galok!

hugs n kisses!

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