Monday, December 19, 2011


wow, its been a while since i last write an entry. Been busy lately. back to the title, Wedding, NO! im not getting married though i really wish i am, but hey, not every girl is lucky right? some are just plain normal girl like me, who has been wishing for the knight in shining armor to come and take her away. Yes, i believe in fairy tales and i remember when i was little i literally told everyone in my family that i wanted to be a princess. And of course they thought i was kidding, i sure didnt.

well, my point is, though i have a boyfriend now, whom i love so much, but deep down inside im still the little girl who is waiting for her prince. i still feel there's a hole in my heart. i love wedding, i do. i love everything about it the dress, the food the flowers and most importantly the way everyone smiles happily during the wedding. Unfortunately, king doesnt see the way i see it. and most of the people are too. the only thing they see about marriage is MONEY! damn! how can you relate love with money????? so, its kinda heartache when you go to a wedding (which you love sooooo much) but the person you are with didnt think so. its kinda exhausting, to be honest. whats more to love than marriage?

In the end of the day, i stick to what i stand for, All or nothing. if money we are talking about, then you better showered me with it.

p/s: "someday my prince will come"- Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

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  1. tak paham. apa association antara money and marriage yang kau maksud kan? orang tengok marriage macam bazir duit kalau bayar mahal ke?