Thursday, January 19, 2012

sup ayam untuk jiwa

im not talking about THE chicken soup, but im basically talking about this book, which i bought last week. Actually, i was looking for 7 habits of effective people, but MPH did not seem to have it or maybe im just late or the book sold out. I dont know, but i do know that this book here "Chicken soup for the soul : Find your happiness" is the book that i'd never regret buying it.

Dont get me wrong, its not like im not happy with my life and stuff, im perfectly happy and grateful for every single thing in my life right now. Though it is not a lot, but it is enough. Nevertheless, from time to time, as a human being, you tend to be greedy, wanting more than you need, and when you dont get it, it makes you depress, down and eventually unhappy.besides, worrying so much about future, things that have not happen yet can makes us forget to actually enjoy these present moment. to cherish every single thing in our life. i used to be that person, for a short while and im not a shame to admit it. i found that it was hard to be happy, the sincerely happy, not the laughing happy.

But after i started to read this book, it changed my perception towards life. i feel more empower over my life, i appreciate the things that happen to me, even the smallest one, and i feel like a more positive person. Alhamdulillah. my darlings, please buy this book and read it =)

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