Monday, July 13, 2009


i'm still half awake, hungry and the sweet smell of my coffee makes me evenmore hungry. an apple danish would be great right now.huhu~ ok people, i finally updated my blog. no clues of what i'm gonna write,nada!. let start with what i've been doing dis past months that i totally ignore my blog.

last sememster break, me and my mom (and of course some of her friends) went on holiday to bahrain and turkey. initially, i dont even know where the heck is turkey, and the worse part is i didnt know if bahrain was a country or a state. dumb me! ;) only a few days before the departure, i took the world map and tried to find those two countries. OMG! turkey is one of the countries at mediterranien sea. since form3, i really2 wanted (like dying!) to go to any country at mediterranien sea as they have the best weather compared to other part of the world. not too hot,not too cold and the kind of weather that make u remember and feel all the good times in your life. heaven on earth. hell yeah i was excited! ok2, long story short, i first went to bahrain. the moment i step at the terminal, i was confuse "am i at bahrain or kangar cos this place is freaking hot!" dry, hot and dusty. oh oh, before i forgot bahrain is very near to dubai, so as the plane pass through dubai, i could see the beautiful yet rapid-growing city of dubai. all those palm island,so amazing! again, when i walked around bahrain,looking around i was confuse again. this time either i landed in bahrain or india (maybe bangladesh or nepal???) . i dont know if the Indians have move to bahrain because look like they have take over the whole Bahrain .

i stayed 2 days at bahrain and off to turkey. the cool and refreshing wind touched my skin onced i step out of antarturk international airport. that time was almost the end of spring season, , but lucky me the flower still bloom beautifully and even the tourist guide(i already forgot his name) said if we came a bit earlier the weather would be colder than now. Anyhow,alhamdullilah (better than nothing rite?). It took about 8 days to travel half part of turkey. Most of the time we were on the bus. From Istanbul, we went to Konya, Capadocia, Ankara, Busra and back to Istanbul again. The journey from one city to another took about 8 hours. Damn tiring but it was all worth it. The sceneries were so beautiful it couldn’t be described by words. Seeing is only believing. My personal favourite place was Suphan Otopark in Istanbul. It was located at the top of a hill facing the fascinating bridge connecting the Europe and Asian part of turkey. It is said that during old times, newly wed couple or couples in love would come to that place, sit there watching the breathtaking view while feeling so much in love with each other. In present word we called it the ‘hottest date spot’. Suphan park is the most romantic place I’ve ever been, surrounded by red roses, daisies and tulips I secretly pray that I could go there again, and perhaps with the person I love most. Btw, I’ve watched belly dance and it was so seductive yet so ‘vibrating’. It definitely gave a new meaning to sexy. huhu~

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