Monday, November 15, 2010

ai saya you awak

just so you know, my vocabulary or my brain is at its most active mode in the morning. i could curse or adore anyone at this moment.teehee..

if you noticed, nowadays people tend to use i/u in their daily language. of course there is nothing wrong with that, but in my opinion, i repeat 'in my opinion', that is so not cool. i mean if you are using it in the proper complete language, like i/u in formal english not in some broken Bm pasar. i went to some presentation skill seminar last month, and i totally agree to what he said. Bahasa melayu is such a wonderful language if it is use in the correct way and so is english. but just imagine if you talk in broken Bahasa, to make it worst you use i/u in it, isnt it a total disaster? you could probably get arrested by the 'language-police' by now..hehehe..

my BFF, durga, she speaks fluent english. the kind of english that will you make your jaw drops, plus the perfect accent (i'm so jealous with her ;p). even she speaks the right Bahasa. she has like this button where you can switch, either english or bahasa, and tadaaaa! you'll have the most complete sentence in any of those languages. what i'm trying to say is, (again) it is so not cool to use i/u with bahasa. the kind of thing that will make you seem like a joke. nevertheless, there's nothing wrong with trying to speak in english, even me myself i have tonnes of grammar mistakes to be corrected both in bahasa and english. if you use complete english in one sentence, damn you look cool! even your grammar is everywhere, but duhhh self-confidence people! somethings are never meant to be mixed up.

my hometown girlfriends, they are into this sort of trend right now. sometime it annoys me, but most of the time i dont really mind as they use it in a complete sentence. hmmm.. it seems like i need to start practicing my mix-up language by now without laughing my ass off. i akan berusaha sedaya upaya i untuk belajar bahasa baru ni iaitu eng-malay, you jgn gelakkn i tw (",)

p/s: terima kasih sebab you sudi baca entri i ni, i terharu..LOL

pelok & cium!

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  1. big HAHA! :))

    guna i/u dlm BM?
    it was like soo~ GEDIK! hahah..

    btw, first time singgah sini~ nice to meet yah! >,<