Wednesday, March 4, 2009

biggest diappoinment

i got my reaction engineering midterm test paper today
i got really2 bad result
i mean like i'd-kill-myself-result
fucking bad
but the worse part was
i've been the center of humiliation
i am surrounded by a crowd when i am humiliated
the words were painful enough it could penetrate through my heart
i've never been that humiliated
what came out from her mouth were all true but it sound to me like 'you are stupid'
maybe i'm just being paranoid
thank you for reminding me where i should belong
and him
yes, he is a genius kid
dont need much effort
everything is at his fingertip
but when my heart was broken into pieces
he was too excited about his marks he didnt realised that i'm bleeding out of humiliation
too much that i couldnt feel my feet touching the floor
cant blame him
he is just being him
and it was too late when he ask
too late
too painful
and again
cant blame him, he's just being him

1 comment:

  1. owh rupanya ak x link ko lg....
    neway, it's ok la tim...
    i think i know who is that HER...
    take this as a challenge...
    i didnt score well to... below 40 if i'm not mistaken..
    but i still have hope to do better...
    come on!
    we can do it!!!!