Friday, March 20, 2009

i miss..

erm..yesterday, when i got back from my dance training, i've been thinking about the things that i miss so much. so, here it goes:

1. i miss basketball!

gosh,its been like forever i didnt play basketball. yeah, it used to be my addictive drugs.i did play everyday, after school with my first, i was really sucks (no one didnt at first rite?),i still remember how the boys laugh at us when we first play the ball. boys will always be boys.not to worry, they will laugh at you but then they'll teach you the right way to play it (after you give them a nice smile or a sexy pose..huhu..kidding).in the end, me and my friends decided to buils up the girls team and i was the president for three years.really miss the trainning, the laugh,endurance and all the sweats.MISS IT! but since this sem, i havent played any.why???? after 2nd sem, i dont bring my fav black ball back to kangar, because i'm kinda disappointed with the fact that i cant find any girl or boy who are deeply interested with basketball. basketball best la weyh! i know, there's a few unimap's boy who do play like amir and that nice chinese boy who i've forgotten his name (but i know he's dating ami's housemate) , but why cant i find any girl who has the same addiction like me.girls, fyi basketball is no longer the dude's stuff ok? its fun and can build up your metabolisme. plus, cute guys are always there when u play even if they dont play with u but what the heck rite? hehe~ btw, i need some miracle so that tomorrow when i woke up..tadaaaa! there's a nice basketball court equipped with comfortable red floor and a painted board at wang ulu..please..huk2..dream on! ;) never mind, this coming sem break, i'll make sure i'll find all my former basketball team to play again. cant wait!

2. i miss my homiez

syazni aka, fara, sara, durga, aisyah and not to forget my super-crazy buddies, faidhi. i miss u all so damn much.


i'm sorry i missed the last re-u but i'm hoping to see you all. we can lepak at our fav spot(mestila maulana) catching up and i know u guys surely have dozens of juicy gossips rite?? huhu~

3. i miss my lovely family

i miss abah's peyot, mak's warm hug when i sleep with her, my really nice along, my evil sis angah, my 'mami jarum' alang..anta rindu sgt ngan aina, zaid, aleiya and cuties..

i really miss when we all eat together, then abah's gonna finish first then he'll cut the fruits and all of us will just sit there eat n eat n eat and after that without washing our hands off, me and my sisters will gossiping.all kind of stories. after few minutes mak will come to the dining room "wtpe nih,kemas la meja ni"..she konon2 je nk mrh padahal nk join gossip skali..huhu~

then, i'll play will with all my cuties. and the worst part is, i'm no longer the little princess when they are around. before this, no one can argue with me about tv remote, but everytime they are around i cant tolerate but have to watch astro ceria and playhouse disney..anyhow,i love hageemaru so much! hehe~

~i miss everything~

btw, gotta go i project meeting..hugs n kisses..

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