Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i seal my lips

i'm not really sure whats going on around me right now
everyone seem so intense, stress and mad over something
but what?
and why?
i dont have the intention to be a gossip girl
want to know everything about everyone
but i deeply hope that whatever matters that happening right now will be solved soon


~better seal my lips~

i got a 'love letter' last weekend
at first it make me depress, sad and down
feel like my head is gonna blow
but eventually
this thing is getting better
thank you
for reminding me about my responsibility
sedar diri la sket
tadela hanyut sgt

bib aka one of my best homiez
dy da membebel ngan pjg lebarnyer
pns gak telinge ak time tuh
smpi everyone at the pizza hut look at me like "what da heck happen to this girl??" ;)
i walk here and there
talking on the phone as if i have this huge-millions worth- project
as if la..
next time bib
bebel la lg k?
i really miss u and durga's bebel
and i miss the crazy-stupid laugh with fara n sara
miss the old times

erm.. *thinking*

maybe i should try the laugh therapy taught by dato' NC
it sound and look stupid though
but i think it may work

*big smile*

hugs n kisses...

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